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Town Board

Meetings take place:

Last Wednesday of the Month 6:30pm at Town Hall

Board Members

Supervisor: Linda French

​(845)832-6111 x 110

​Fax: (845)832-3188


​Deputy Supervisor: Andrew House


Town ​Councilman: Richard Yeno

​p. (845)494-1439


​Town Councilman: Redmond Abrams


Town Councilman: James "Jay" Murphy


The Town of Dover is governed by the Town Board, which consists of four council persons and the Town Supervisor.

The Four members of the Town Board are elected to four-year terms, while the Supervisor serves a two-year term.

Although these positions are part-time, the responsibilities of the Town Board are significant.

The Town Board manages the day-to-day operations of the Town Government and is accountable for the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens.

The members of the Town Board are responsible for adopting and amending the Town's comprehensive or master plan.

The Town Board can adopt zoning and land use regulations.

This legislative body of Town Government can also issue certain permits from time-to-time in addition to performing other administrative functions.

The Town Board adopts a budget every year, which includes funding for a vast array of town services.

The Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer while the Town Board is the legislative body.

There are also two independently elected Town Justices.

The Town Government also performs important administrative functions and the Town has three independently elected positions, including a Town Clerk, Highway Superintendent, and a Receiver of Taxes.

The Town has important volunteer boards that play a significant role in decision-making.


Dover Cares, helpful info in times of need

Town of Dover facebook page

 126 East Duncan Hill Road

Dover Plains, New York 12522

Town Hall | p. (845)832-6111 | f. (845)832-3188

Highway | p. (845)832-9567 | f. (845)832-6032

Recreation | p. (845)832-9168 | f. (845)832-3286

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