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Justice Court

Justice R. Wren Abrams

6:00 pm every Thursday

DA Court (criminal cases only) - 4:00 pm 2nd Monday of each month


Clerk: Helen Abrams

Justice John Fusco

4:00 pm every Tuesday

DA Court (criminal cases only) - 4:00 pm 3rd Tuesday of each month


Clerk: Angela Fusco

​​Pay Court Fines/Fees

​You may visit  www.paycourtonline.com

or call 1(888)912-1541


Dover Cares, helpful info in times of need

Town of Dover facebook page

 126 East Duncan Hill Road

Dover Plains, New York 12522

Town Hall | p. (845)832-6111 | f. (845)832-3188

Highway | p. (845)832-9567 | f. (845)832-6032

Recreation | p. (845)832-9168 | f. (845)832-3286

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