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About Dog Licenses

The Town of Dover cares about your dog’s health and safety!

Dogs over the age of four months must be licensed in the Town of Dover and

licenses must be annually renewed through the Town Clerk’s Office or Online.

How do I Apply for a New Dog License?


Residents can apply for dog licenses by mail or in-person at the Town Clerk’s Office

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm


the second Saturday of each month: 9 am - 1 pm

Town Clerk's Office

(845) 832-6111


 126 East Duncan Hill Road

Dover Plains, New York 12522


Click below to download a New Dog License Application to submit with a

copy of the dog’s current rabies vaccination information and annual fee:


Click Below:



Town of Dover 2017 Dog License Fees: (Annual Cost)


$8.00 - Spayed and Neutered Dog

($1.00 discount for residents age 60+ years or $7.00)


$16.00 - Unspayed and Unneutered Dog

 ($1.00 discount for residents age 60+ years or $15.00)



Therapy and Service Dogs (with documentation) are licensed at no cost



Can I Renew My Dog Licenses Online?


Yes!  If your dog’s rabies vaccination is current, you can renew online.

If the dog’s rabies vaccination has expired, you need to renew by mail or in-person.

For online renewals. a credit card vendor’s convenience surcharge of $1.75 is

automatically added to the renewal charge at the time of the transaction.


Click Here to renew a Dog License Online

Where does the revenue from annual dog license fees go?


According to the 2011 Town of Dover Dog Enumeration project, there are approximately

1000 dogs that live with their owners in the Town of Dover.   Revenue from new dog licenses and

annual renewals help maintain the Town’s dog shelter and defrays the cost of a part-time

Dog Control Officer who helps residents recover lost dogs, rescues abused and

abandoned dogs, and protects the public from dangerous dogs. 

To report a lost, abused or dangerous dog, please call

Dog Control Officer Brett Johnson

(845) 656-2361

 126 East Duncan Hill Road

Dover Plains, New York 12522

Town Hall | p. (845)832-6111 | f. (845)832-3188

Highway | p. (845)832-9567 | f. (845)832-6032

Recreation | p. (845)832-9168 | f. (845)832-3286

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