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Cricket Valley Energy

The Town Board is an Involved Agency in the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process.

As an Involved Agency, the Town will have to make its own determination of potential impacts related to the Special Permit for the proposed electric generating facility.

However, NYSDEC, as Lead Agency, directs the Applicant in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement.

CRICKET VALLEY ENERGY (CVE)STEAM BLOWS Steam Blows will be taking place in the coming weeks. Please review the Fact Sheet located on townofdoverny.us/cricketvalleyenergy.cfm

Steam Blow Fact Sheet

Information from Cricket Valley regarding start of tree clearing

for parallel transmission line service to CVE Switching Station and NY/CT border

Letter from CVE March 2nd 2017

Tree Clearing Plan March 2017

PILOT (Payment In Lue of Taxes) Agreement

Cricket Valley Energy Special Use Permit and Site Plan Application September 2012

January 30_2013_CVE Site Plan and Specia​​l Permit Approval Resolution with Conditions

Application Forms

CVE Application

Submission Checklist

Exhibit A: Main Plant Site

Existing Conditions Survey South Parcel

Exisiting Conditions Survey North Parcel

Project Area Soils

Forest Cover Type Map

Zoning Overlay

Aquifer Overlay

Floodplain Overlay

Stream Corridor Overlay

Elevation Plan

General Arrangement

Demolition Plan

Disturbed Areas Plan

Grading Plan

Site Plan (Project Site)

Dimension Table Sept 2012

Site Maneuvering Plan: Delivery Vehicle

Site Maneuvering Plan: Fire Vehicle

Site Striping Signage Plan

Site Striping Signage Plan Details

Landscaping Plan

Landscaping Plan Details

Wetlands Restoration Plan

Wetlands Restoration Plan Details

Lighting Plans

Light Specification Brochure

Construction Phasing Plan

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

Main Site SWPPP

Subsurface Sewage Disposal Plan

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

Zoning Petition Noise Jan 2012

Zoning Petition Nose Jan 2012 Exhibits

Air State Facility Permit Signature Page

Title IV Permit Signature Page

Viewshed Analysis Part 1

Viewshed Analysis Part 2

Viewshed Analysis Part 3

Article 24 Wetland Permit Signed

Wetland Permit Application Amended June 2012

Exhibit B: Former Rasco Parcel

Existing Conditions Survey North Parcel

Exisiting Conditions Survey South Parcel

Soils Map

Forest Cover Map

Grading Plan

Site Plan

Landscaping and Restoration Plan

Lighting Plans


Erosion and Sediment Control During Construction

Erosion and Sediment Control Preconstruction

Erosion and Sediment Control Detail 1

Erosion and Sediment Control Detail 2

Exhibit C: Remote Laydown Area

Existing Conditions Survey

Soil Maps

Forest Cover Map

Overlay Districts

Grading and Drainage Plan

Site Plan

Landscaping and Restoration Plan

Lighting Plans

Preliminary SWPPP

Erosion and Sediment Control Details

Erosion Control During Construction

Erosion Control Preconstruction

Exhibit D: Traffic and Highway Improvements

Traffic Study

Highway Improvement Plans

Exhibit E: Comprehensive Site Safety Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan

Spill Prevention Report (SPR)

Letter of Intent Narratives

Special Permit Narrative: Code Conformance Assessment

Special Permit Narrative: Project Overview

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Findings Statement September 26,2012

Additional Information

Cricket Valley PSC Hearing 05/08/14

2013 DOT Response CVE Highway Widening

ARB CVE SEQRA Findings Statement

CVE Planning Board SEQRA Findings Statement

DEC SEQR Findings Statement to CVE

Draft CVE SEQR Findings of Dover Town Board

DC Planning Response to CVE Site Plan and Special Use Permit Application


Cricket Valley Energy Final Environmental Impact Statement July 2012

Volume 1: Narrative and Figures

Table of Contents

Section 1: Project Description | CVE FEIS | Figures

Section 2: Earth Resource | CVE FEIS | Figures

Section 3: Natural Resources | CVE FEIS | Figures

Section 4: Air Resources | CVE FEIS

Section 5: Water Resources | CVE FEIS | Figures

Section 6: Community Resources | CVE FEIS | Figures

Additional Information:

Arcadis Communication 06/28/2012

NYS DOT Communication 08/09/12

Proposed CVE Zoning Amendment Petition

Letter from Dover Building Inspector CVE 08/27/12

Response to Comment from NYS DEC

Volume 2: Consolidated Responses to Comments

Table of Contents

Appendix 1-A: Comments Recieved on the DEIS

Appendix 1-A Part 2: Comments Recieved on the DEIS

Appendix 1-B: Responses to the Comments on the DEIS

Appendix 1-C: Hearing Transcripts

Appendix 1-D: Responses to Comments received to DEIS Transcripts

Volume 3: Technical Appendices

Table of Contents

Appendix 1-E: Plans for Temporary Use of the Former Rasco Parcel

Appendix 1-F: Plans for Temporary Use of the Remote Laydown Site

Appendix 2-A: Asbestos Assessment Summary Table

Appendix 2-B: Paint Testing Summary Table

Appendix 3-A: Former Rasco Parcel

Appendix3-B: Bog Turtle Surveys

Appendix 3-C: Revised Floodplain Mapping

Appendix 3-D: Wetland Resource Photographs

Appendix 3-E: Timber Rattlesnake Supporting Information

Appendix 3-F: Indiana Bat Supporting Information

Appendix 4-A: Updated Tables from the DEIS

Appendix 5-A: Drawing Modification for the Preliminary SWPPP: Project Development Area

Appendix 5-B: Preliminary SWPPP: Former Rasco Parcel

Appendix 5-C: Preliminary SWPPP: Remote Laydown Site

Appendix 6-A: Former Rasco Parcel Lighting

Appendix 6-B: Remote Laydown Site Lighting Plan

Appendix 6-C: Updated Traffic Impact Study

Appendix 6-D: Route 22 Highway Improvement Plans

Appendix 6-E: OPRHP Correspondence

Appendix 6-F: Internal Traffic Plan

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

 Egan Environmental Report Tables 1 - 8

Amended Zoning Petition Exhibits 01/2012

Traffic Impact Study Review 02/12

Amended Zoning Petition 01/2012

Air Permit Application

Egan Environmental Review-Final

Egan Environmental DEIS Air Resource Report


Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Wetland Permit Application:

Part 1

Part 2



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