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Online Meeting Stream

Town Board, Planning Board and ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) meetings are viewable LIVE or as retrievable archives online. The LIVE stream is only available as the meeting takes place in real time.

Click Here for: LIVE Meeting Stream. Click here for information on Meeting Archives.


Consists of LIVE board meetings, re-airing of most recent meetings as well as town information (contact info, news and updates). Starting in 2017 DTV22 welcomed the “Dover Daily” a news show produced by Dover High School Seniors. DTV22 is available with a Cable Box provided by Optimum. A digital version of Channel 22 is aired on channel 99.915. To view this channel, you do not need a cable box but you do need a digital television that supports sub channels.

Archived Meetings

To view archived meetings please visit the “Board Documents” icon below. There you will find Current, Future and Archived Agendas as well as Minutes and Video. Archived Meetings with video attached to them will display this icon  . Simply select the icon and select “video” next to the agenda item you would like to view. For questions on how to view archived meetings please contact us here.

Search for Various Board Meeting Documents and Videos (Ex. Agendas & Minutes)

Meetings being streamed LIVE  

or archived video  

Re-Broadcast of most recent meetings will air on CH 22:

Town Board Meetings Tuesday at 9am, 1pm, 6:15pm  and 9pm | Saturday at 9am | Sunday at 9am

Planning Board Meetings Friday at 9am, 1pm, 6:15pm and 9pm ​Saturday at 1pm ​Sunday at 1pm

Zoning Board of Appeals Thursday at 9am, 1pm, 6:15pm and 9pm ​Saturday at 5pm ​Sunday at 5pm


Posting to DTV Channel 22?
Guidelines can be found here:
DTV 22 Submission Guidlines 
Why am I unable to "DVR" DTV Channel 22?
Cablevison does not support the "Digital Video Recording" DVR of Municipal Access Television Stations.
This feature has been removed with the upgrade to their most current cable box.
For further questions please contact Cablevison directly. 
What is Channel DTV Channel 22?
Channel 22 is the Town of Dover's Municipal Access television station. 
Who can receive Channel 22 broadcasts?
Channel 22 is broadcast to all local Cablevision television subscribers. 
 Do I need a cable box in order to view Channel 22?
Yes.  A digital version of Channel 22 is aired on channel 99.915. 
To view this channel, you do not need a cable box but you do need a digital television that supports sub channels.
 Can I broadcast my own programming on Channel 22?
DTV22 allows (Dover/Wingdale) non-profit organizations to air information.
Municipal Access TV stations like Channel 22, are just one of many resources the Town utilizes to inform its residents on issues relevant to Town business.
In addition to broadcasting the Community Bulletin Board, the Town televises Town, Planning and Zoning Board meetings, local emergency announcements and other events and programs as related to the local government. 
Public Access TV stations such as Cablevision Channel 6 provide the forum for the general public to air programming. 
The Town of Dover does not currently have a Public Access TV Station.
The Town of Dover Reserves the Right to Deny any and All Content Submissions.
 May I advertise my business / organization on Channel 22?
NO commercial advertisements are accepted to run on Channel 22.


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