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Town Code

Town Code

Building Department

The purpose of the building department is to administer the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code as well as the Town of Dover municipal code. It is the building department's mission to receive code compliance from the public through education and the permitting process. Building permits are required to ensure the occupants safety for generations to come. The building department performs site inspections for certificate of occupancy searches, as well as fire inspections of commercial business's and in excess of three family residences.

Permit Application Requirements

Applications will not be considered until all required documents, copies and fees are submitted. 

Applications require approximately 1 to 4 weeks to process depending on project complexity. 

Complete packages may be picked up at the Building Department at the Town Hall


Building Permits

Some examples where building permits are required are, making structural changes to the building, adding additional bathrooms, installing a new deck, shed of any size, pools, fences, retaining walls, installing new roofing ( in excess of 50sq. ft ). The term "building permit" also encompasses other types of building improvements, such as, adding central air conditioning, generators, wood/pellet stoves, oil tank removal, fuel conversion and solar panels. For a complete understanding of what requires a permit, please look over our permit applications online or call our offices.

The following are some examples of home improvements that may be performed without a permit:

 - painting

- vinyl siding

- roofing repair less than 50 square feet


A pool that has over 24" of water must have a permit. The installation and use of a pool whether above ground or in ground is governed by many specific codes. Some examples of these codes are fencing, alarm and GFCI requirements. Please make sure your installer is well versed in these codes.

Everything you always wanted to know about NYS Pool codes. http://www.dos.ny.gov/dcea/pools.htm

Electricity must also be run out to your pool pump, and this must be inspected by a Licensed Electrical Underwriter. Extension cords are unacceptable.

The pool may not be used until ALL inspections are complete and you have received a certificate of compliance.



All sheds require permits and must be built to conform to NYS building standards.



There is no catch-all answer for fence installation, so the best policy is to call or visit our office for further information.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless toxic gas that can kill you. Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of combustion and incomplete burning of fuels. If your home burns any type of fuel: gas, propane, heating oil, kerosene heaters, wood and pellet stoves, you have the potential for carbon monoxide. The simple answer is you MUST have carbon monoxide detectors.

Amanda's Law was adopted in February 22, 2010 and states; all new and existing buildings that have a fuel burning source must have carbon monoxide detectors. A general rule of thumb is all sleeping units should have a carbon monoxide detector and every level of your home (hallways) should have a carbon monoxide detector.

Fo further information call our offices. http://www.dos.ny.gov/DCEA/pdf/Part1220.pdf


Property Maintenance

As the land owner, you must maintain all structures and the exterior of the property as per the Property Maintenance Code of New York. All properties must be maintained in a safe, clean and sanitary condition. If your property is vacant or abandoned, you must still maintain the building and grounds. A common complaint of residents is about neighbors who don't cut their grass. If the grass is higher than 10" a violation can be issued by the code enforcement officer.

Click here to view the Town Code pertaining to "Abandonded and Vacant Properties"


FOIL (Freedom of Information Law)

Click here to learn more about FOIL requests.


Requesting an E911

Click here for an application and notice regarding your house number and E911


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