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Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center Redevelopment Proposal

The Dover Knolls Development Company II, LLC (“Dover Knolls”) has proposed a master planned development of the former Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center (HVPC) property in Wingdale, a property of more than 850 acres on both sides of Route 22. The property has a special zoning designation, “mixed-use institutional conversion overlay district (MC).” This zoning district is designed to encourage the redevelopment and reuse of the old state hospital property as a walkable transit-oriented village center with a  variety of uses, while preserving environmentally sensitive wetlands, steep slopes, and the existing nine-hole golf course.  The Town wishes to attract development to this site because it contains serviceable and historic buildings and water and sewer infrastructure, as well as excellent highway and commuter rail transportation access.  Since 1999, the Town has purchased rights to an “Economic Empire Zone” which provides tax relief to businesses choosing to relocate to the area.    
The Town Board held a special meeting on January 31, 2005 at Dover High School to begin a public dialogue about the Dover Knolls project.  The Town’s consultants provided an overview, the developer made a presentation, and members of the Town’s Boards and the general public asked questions and offered comments.   
   The proposed Dover Knolls master plan proposes the development of a village center, just east of the intersection of Route 22 and Wheeler Road, across from the Metro-North Railroad station. According to the Dover Knolls plan, the mixed-use village center would consist of retail stores, residential lofts, and commercial and civic facilities. The village center would offer 450 age-restricted apartments, 62 townhouses and 35 loft apartments. The commercial village center would be a mix of civic, retail, and other commercial uses, according to the Dover Knolls plan. There would be a total of 340,000 square feet of retail and commercial space and 35,000 square feet of office space, in addition to potential reuses of the old state storehouse, power plant, and other former state buildings. Specific plans for the former state buildings have not been established, but would be developed over time.
   The plan also proposes a mountainside residential development east of Route 22, containing an additional 590 age-restricted apartments and townhouses as well as 10 single-family estate-style homes.  In its first phase, the plan proposes 260 units of age-restricted or age-targeted attached residences in two to four unit villas or townhouses, in addition to 15 single family homes, clustered around the golf course on the west side of Route 22.   The developer has requested that the Town Board rezone an adjoining 83-acre parcel on the west side of Route 22 to be included in the MC district, to enable more housing to be built in conjunction with the golf course development.  
   The proposed development would take place in phases. As proposed by the developer, the first phase would include commercial development of the former power plant and storehouse and development of 260 age restricted residences and 15 single family homes around the golf course.  The timing and content of subsequent phases has not yet been determined.
   The Town Board is currently reviewing this proposal to determine the extent to which it satisfies the purposes of the MC overlay district and the Town’s overall goals for the HVPC site.   The Board welcomes additional public comments concerning this project as it conducts this review.  The Town Planner, Joel Russell has issued a document to the Town Board containing his comments and questions regarding the current application.  A hard copy of all documents pertaining to the proposal can be viewed in the Town Clerks office in the Dover Town Hall by way of a F O I L request.  

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